About us

What is a “Fonduchok’s Boutique”?

This is a community of practicing craftswomen, working in partnership since 2010

  • that collect and summarize the experience of contemporary cross stitch techniques;
  • who invent and try new tools, devices and technologies;
  • who contribute to the development and production of cross stitch patterns;
  • and engaged in other types of crafts;
  • and coming up with innovative approaches to their hobbies.

In the “Fonduchok’s Boutique” we will offer you only what we have tried ourselves and approved as necessary and useful.

What we believe necessary and useful?

  1. First, the use only high-quality materials by well-established manufacturers;
  2. Second, before start your embroidery, critically revise it, and if possible, try to improve it and get rid of the disadvantages;
  3. Thirdly, choosing the expensive designs, try to save on them correctly;
  4. Fourth, focus on preparation and organization of work, from the proper organization mostly depends not the beginning of embroidery, but the bringing the project to a successful conclusion;
  5. Fifth, the use of reliable “helpers”: needles, tools for threading, stitch laying tools, markers, scissors, and more. And do it smart – not all the expansive gadgets fundamentally improve our work;
  6. Sixth, use reliable and easy to use machines and appliances;
  7. Seventh,, to be able to save money on decoration of finished works.

We will try to help you with advice and collective experience, to give more information and useful links. We denote the problems that you may encounter, and sometimes may even persuade you not to start some failed embroidery designs. :)

And we will try our best to make even the most complex schemes easy for you!