Dream Chest

Our Dream Chest – is a treasury of sketches that our customers would like to embroider.

“Possible Dreams” “Is about to come true” “impossible Dreams”

The new pattern from the Dream Chest will come true, if the proposed picture meets the requirements for the paintings:

  • it is in trend of picturesque embroidery (preference is given to classical paintings);
  • suitable for editing original image is availible;
  • Image can be adapted for the embroidery pattern;
  • permission from the author (or owner) of the picture (copyright for the picture is applicable for 70 years since the death of the author) is recieved;
  • the prospect of the pattern.

Each registered visitor can put in the Dreams Chest his favorite picture for creating pattern.

Put your Dream picture in the Chest

*Painting Name

*Artist name and years of life


Additional information about the picture

*Upload a photo (a sharp, clear image of at least 1000-1500 pixels on the larger side)


Designers will find out if this image is suitable for creating pattern, and will put it in an album
“Possible Dreams” “Is about to come true” “impossible Dreams”

Images from “Possible Dream” could become patterns, but the availible image do not allow to make the pattern of a good quality images from the “Is about to come true” will be taken as a basis for our future patterns and embroidery kits Unsuitable pictures. this Section will be cleaned regularly

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