Rules of the first purchase and Custom orders

Your favorite picture can become a pattern if it matches the requirements for the paintings:

  • it is in trend of picturesque embroidery (preference is given to classical paintings);
  • suitable for editing original image is availible;
  • Image can be adapted for the embroidery pattern;
  • permission from the author (or owner) of the picture (copyright for the picture is applicable for 70 years since the death of the author) is recieved;
  • the prospect of the pattern.

Please send us a good, clear picture of at least 1000-1500 pixels on the larger side.


The painting can become a pattern quicklier, if there is a first buyer.

n this case, the first buyer is involved in the editing of the picture, expresses his wishes and comments on the editing and the size of the future pattern.

You can provide us with your image or choose a picture in the Dreams Chest from the section “Is about to come true” and “possible Dreams”.

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CUSTOM ORDERS – creation of pattern in a single copy from the image provided by the customer

f the pattern for any reason can not be sold in the store (the copyrights,personal portrait, the decision not appropriate for sales, for other reasons), you can order individul patterns, which will be made in a single copy based on your requirements .

Individual schemes can be ordered as a part of a Kit or just a pattern.

Also you can order optimizers for the embroidery.

After a review of your application, we will send you a test screen (computer-generated image of the future scheme) for review and approval.

After payment of the approved screen, you will be sent your pattern, or kit.

Payment for custom orders is made only through the Contact or Western Union.

Price of individual patterns – 5000 rubles

To discuss and place the custom order Go to checkout

In payment for all goods and services Fonduhok’s Boutique accepted our signature gift, prize, etc. Bonus Certificates.