Embrodiery Kits

Fonduchok’s Boutique
offers its customers
cross stitch embroidery kits.
Our Kits include all necessary materials,
and offer a number of new options
for the convenient process.

« EstE» is a Russian enterprise
specializing in production of embroidery cross-stitch patterns based on paintings .
The main goal for us is to reach the maximum accuracy between the canvas painting and the embroidery .
Patterns are made using exclusive computer program without further manual processing.
To create high-quality patterns as alike to the source picturesque painting as possible, we do carefully edit the original image and at the same time we try to use the most advantageous opportunities embroidery.
Your embroidery will comply the image that is provided with each pattern.

The main feature of our Kits is the highest accordance of the embroidery to the “Screen” ( computer model of future embroidery ) .

Comparative Analysis of Source, Screen and embroidery,
which is done by our specialists before adding any Kit to the shop ensures the best possible match of your embroidery to the original painting, with saving all the features of cross-stitch as a means of reproducing objects of pictorial art .

In our store we offer you real pictures of finished embroideries for each Kit (gallery is updated with new images as they become available).

Kits diligent and patient embroiderers
An important task of the designers is the desire to release the scenic quality patterns in the smallest possible size. However, a painting can not fit into the size of handkerchief, and the minimum size for such patterns is 250-300 crosses, and the size of 500 is considered an average.
Number of thread colors in our patterns is at least 150 (with rare exceptions ), and the most patterns use mixed colors ( scheme in solid colors are marked with (*) and the single and numerically small crosses are also presented.
You can use cross stitches, as well as petite and/or half-cross stitches, other types of stitches are not used in our designs.
All mentioned above does not make our patterns extra complicated, but the process requires attention and it takes quite a long time.

The complexity of all our embroideries is approximately the same, but you have to bear in mind that the portraits and still lifes embroideries are easier than landscapes and genre scenes; the bigger sized patterns (if available) will take longer time, but will be easier.
Therefore all the patterns in our shop are classified as:

moderately difficult
very difficult and
especially difficult

Our special offer is Optimizers – it will simplify and speed up the process, as well as help to avoid mistakes in the work.

Paintings for our patterns
Designers try their best to meet the wishes on the range of topics and genres of patterns.
Our Dream Chest
But the preference is given to patterns based on paintings of classical type.

We invite everyone to participate in showing their embroideries and discussions of patterns and process on our forum «Embroidery seriously and for joy»
Looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions on kits and the quality of patterns during the embroidery process.
We hope to see photos of your process in a good quality.
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