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022.1 Still Life with Roses and Strawberries (f) - pattern

Based on the painting by
Lach, Andreas
Author of the design EstE

Pattern size: 300 х 200 stitches
Total number of colors: 152
(solids 93 / blends 59)

ctsizes (sm)
2530.4 x 20.3
1842.3 x 28.2
1647.7 x 31.8

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Dear Embroiderers!
Fonduchoks boutique and firm EstE congratulates you on March 8, 2014, and in honor of the spring festival, and the II anniversary EstE, We ask you to accept a gift scheme and Optimizers Embroideries

- Pattern for the embroidery are sold as a printed version or as an e-version (.pdf file).
- To ease your work we also add optimizers to your order for free as our gift to you
- You can order KIT with this pattern
- Images represent your future embroidery. As examples, see the embroidery samples.
- You can have the pattern of the full picture:

NOTE: this pattern is a pattern of a fragment of the picture, it is not compatible withe the pattern from the full picture, which has an independent design with a different palette and size details.

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