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Competition game

Congratulations to the winners of embroideries!
Photos embroiderys

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The “Earliest done image” program 166, 215

The prize certificates were awarded to Anna (Чудо) and to Elena (к@линка) for the presentation of photos of the embroideries “Idleness” 168 EstE and “Peonies in a Glass Vase (l)” 215 EstE.

This prize – an award program “Earliest done image” for 1/4 parts.

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10% discount on the scheme of the week

Only from Monday August 3th till Sunday August 9th get our special offer – a 10% discount of on the kits EstЕ:

049 “Young Girl Reading” and 204 “Girl with Dog”.

“The scheme of the week” – Campaigns and bonuses

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NEWS fradments

Edition: pattern fradments 2015

127.1 “Collies (f)” Wright Barker,

155.1 “Road to Childhood (f)” Vladimir Anischenko

159.2 “Firtree in the Wood (f)” Vladimir Anischenko,

178.1 “Little Prince” Georgius Jacobus Johannes Van Os.

New Products

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