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Embroidery EstE 154

Has been working on her embroidery Ekaterina (Ekaterin_a) – Foto

Continued embroiderys design “The Awakening of Psyche” 154 Este

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10% discount on the scheme of the week

Only from Monday February 1th till Sunday February 7th get our special offer – a 10% discount of on the kits EstЕ:

165 “Going to Business” and 241 “Corner of the Villa (l)”.

“The scheme of the week” – Campaigns and bonuses

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NEWS January

Edition: EstE, January 2016

250 “Pavonia” Frederick Leighton,

251 “Stream in the Spring Forest” Peder Mork Monsted,

252-253 “The Chess Game” (m,l) Ludwig Deutsch,

254-255 “Little Shepherdess” (m,l) Johann Baptist Hofner.

New Products

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