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W002 Yours Sincerely (kits 5 pc)

Based on the painting by
Dieul, Marina
Author of the design EstE

Pattern size: 278 х 278 stitches
Total number of colors:107 (solids 85 / blends 22)

The size of the finished embroidery with passe-partout:
25ct, petite - 40x40 cm
20ct, cross - 45x45 cm

Price 60,000 руб.
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– Wholesale box: Five sets for cross stitch (half-cross, petite).
– The kits contain a pattern, fabric (25 or 20 ct), DMC threads sorted by symbols on organizers, 2 needles for embroidery, plastic three-dimensional parts (paws, tail), passe-partout for embroidery design.
– When adding this item to your cart, please select canvas and embroidery technique: 25ct petite/half-cross or 20ct cross.
Also you can in the quantity of 5 pcs in a wholesale box:
– order sets OPT002 Sincerely yours
- choose sets for both embroidery with petite at 25 and cross stitch at 20.
Write your wishes regarding the content of the Wholesale box in the “Additional Information” when filling out the order form.